January 2023

Climate Action Plan Kick-Off

January → April 2023

Discovery Phase

In this phase, the City is collecting background information on the climate work, capacity, plans and approaches currently taking place in Charlottetown and PEI and benchmarking relative to comparable municipalities. We will also be gathering input from the community, key stakeholders, and rightsholders to understand how climate change and extreme weather have impacted Charlottetown, how the community thinks the Climate Action Plan should be developed, and how we can improve climate readiness together.

February 06 → February 19 2023

Climate Action Discovery Community Survey

April 2023

Release of Discovery Phase What We Heard Report

April 26 2023

Climate Action Plan Phase One Community Presentation

Learn what we found in Phase One of developing the City of Charlottetown's Climate Action Plan and how it will inform future phases!

May 01 2023 → May 01 2024

Development Phase

During this phase of the project, the Climate Action Plan will be developed through extensive community engagement.